Rodway Productions Pty Ltd was incorporated in South Africa in the year 2014. The capital city is a niche within the film industry because it has not shared the benefits and profits of local and foreign investments in this field.

Its partners come from different walks of life. Three of its members, all South Africans, are young professional actors and writers. Thabo Rametsi has featured on television, including the British series Wild at Heart and American series Homeland and BET’s Madiba. His film career includes the international sci-fi thriller The Giver and South African Kalushi. Garion Dowds has been featured in SABC series Soul Buddyz, Generations The Legacy and Isidingo as well as in the British TV series Troy and in such international films as The Prisoner, The Gamechangers and Shepherds & Butchers. Wayne Smith is a journalist, who as its assistant editor, writes for the local magazine Embassy Direct. He also holds a Drama Degree and Honors in Script-writing from the University of Pretoria. Rodway’s senior partners are, former Panamanian ambassador and attorney, presently acting as editor at Embassy Direct, Rodrigo Chiari, and the company’s business advisor Galileo Ferrabone. Chiari has been involved in the past in live performances, stage and television productions as producer and production manager. Ferrabone is a former Manager at Dow Chemical and has served as consultant to such companies as Sasol and Technip. He has been stationed in America, the Middle and Far East, Africa and Europe.

The company’s vision is to produce local media content of an international standard, in collaboration with the global community, while strongly upholding, maintaining, and promoting the South African heritage. As a digital media content provider to magazines and online media, as well as to the music and live performance industry, RP aims to promote and place South Africa’s unique heritage, and its creative and performing talents worldwide. It considers itself promoter of South African people and values, through the heritage of the country’s diverse and ever-growing arts and cultural scene.

Currently busy with their greatest venture, tapping into the South African film industry, Rodway Productions owns 100% of the rights to the story for Magic.

Everyone holds the power within to change their own life. Sometimes we just need a little guidance. RADA strives to empower people to live their best life by giving them the tools to make responsible and wise decisions.

Started by one man’s determination to make a difference, J-P Nobrega mortgaged his house, sold everything of value and invested his hard-earned money into making a difference through the non-profit company (NPC) RADA. Designed to be partially self-sustainable, RADA operates alongside various businesses and upliftment projects that give back to the NPC and empower the man on the street, whether it be through self-development courses, music projects or RADA CARE initiatives.

“At RADA, we don’t see ourselves separate from the world but ONE with the world, where together we can make a difference. We don’t have to stand tall, but it is important that we stand up and take action. Everyone and anyone can get involved. So let’s stand together and create a thriving future for all.”

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Experts in content development, multi-platform production and consulting. The Televisionaries assists TV stations, channels and production companies across Africa to deliver value to audiences in a fast evolving media landscape.

The Televisionaries have been intensively involved in the co-creation of soap operas, telenovelas, comedy series, made-for-television movies and entertainment specials across the African continent. For our Production Division this means that we are ready and able to take on the challenges that come with the planning and producing of any genre and for all platforms of distribution.

Recently our Production Division was awarded the right to produce the Emmy-award winning reality series Undercover Boss in South Africa. A title that has been successfully produced in over 10 countries, including Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, UK and the US. A refreshingly positive reality TV series, Undercover Boss is often touching, poignant and transformative as bosses learn more about the very real people at the forefront of their business ambitions, putting faces to those whose work is at the heart of the success of their product or service. More information will be made available closer to broadcast, because of course, we’re currently undercover!

The Televisionaries actively embrace the production of programmes that do not compete with the Consulting Division. In this way a synergy effect is created whereby we ensure that both divisions are kept abreast of trends, rates and innovations in technology.